JCycleData - News


version 2008-1.1 - June, 2008

Removed the occasional occurring and disturbing error message on a missing stylesheet.

version 2008-1 - May, 2008

bikemap.net allows you to share your rides with other people. Try it and add the Route ID of bikemap in your sports diary.

version 2006-2 - June, 2006

Bug fixes:

version 2006-1 - February, 2006

This release took a really long time. Sorry for that, I was really busy last year. Reason enough for me to change the version names which now consist of the year and a release counter. As this is the first release in 2006, the version number for this release is 2006.1.

This feature adds total distance and times for each season to the log display. Also, the coding to calculate the statistics has been overhauled to improve performance (not that there really was an issue there ;-)

You can launch jcycledata-2006.1 immediately using webstart.
Or go to the download section to get your copy now.

version 1.7.1 - April, 2005

Small bugfix that caused a problem with Java 1.4.

version 1.7 - March, 2005

Completed printing related issues, printing charts is now possible and some minor bug fixes like broken labelling of charts.

Selecting an activity in the log now displays a small dialog below the tree where you can edit your log entry immediately. This allows for faster editing instead of clicking the toolbar and working with the popup dialog.

version 1.7alpha - August, 2004

This pre-release adresses the printing related issues. It enables printing the charts.

version 1.6 - February, 2004

New design for this homepage. Please tell me, if you experience any problems with your browser.

version 1.6 - August, 2003

Java 1.4.2 finally offers a decent native system Look and Feel (at least for Windows and Linux). Therefor, this is now the standard Look and Feel if no other was selected before. Of course, you can still select any of the other supported look and feels as well.

Minor bug fixes:

version 1.5 - April 4, 2003

Added support for a new look and feel: SkinLF
Yet, only one theme providing a MacOS X look and feel is supported. A customizing option will follow soon, so you can get any look and feel you like.
Of course, you can still select any of the other supported look and feels as well.

version 1.4.1 - December, 2002

There was a nasty bug that didn't allow you to save your data. Instead, your last saved file is deleted!

Please upgrade to this new version immediately.

version 1.4 - November, 2002

The user interface has been completly overhauled and improved. All log entries are now displayed in a tree instead of a simple table (wait for some monthly data to come with the next version).

In addition, the charts and statistics are now placed on one screen. Plus, the charts now adjust to your current window size (up to a predefined maximum size of 640x340).

Unfortunately, this whole redesign means that printing is currently disabled. Please use the html or pdf export for reporting. This will be fixed soon.

version 1.3 - August 25, 2002

The following features are added:

In addition, minor bug fixes were made.

version 1.2.1 - February 24, 2002

With Java 1.4, support for XML is included in the Java Runtime. Therefor, it was necessary to switch to version 2.0 (or higher) of Xerces and Xalan in order to support Java 1.4.

version 1.2 - January 16, 2002

Thanks to Davanum Srinivas' great jmousewheel package, you can now scroll in JCycleData using your mousewheel on Win32 platforms.

In addition, the progress during loading a Cyclist's data from file is now better displayed and can be aborted.

In addition, the Kunststoff Look And Feel was upgraded to the current version and the bug hiding the information image was fixed.

version 1.1.1 - November 18, 2001

The webstart version 1.1 contained an error so that you were not able to add any entries to the log. This bug was fixed.

version 1.1 - September 5, 2001

JCycleData can now be launched via Java Web Start. See the download section for details.
This means no more downloading, installing, launching but merely just a click to start. This also applies to later updates which can be done automatically if you like.

version 1.1 - August 14, 2001

The Screenshots were updated to reflect the current version of JCycleData.

version 1.1 - June 6, 2001

Finally, JCycleData now supports different kinds of activities. At this time however, different units for cycling, swimming, running are not support. This and the possibility to define your own kind of activity will be supported within one of the next releases.

In addition excellent Look And Feel named Kunststoff is included.

version 1.0.2 - February 23, 2001

A problem with Print Preview was fixed and the metafile within the jar unfortunatly was broken.

version 1.0.0 - December 4, 2000

Even though only two minor new features have been added, JCycleData now is mature enough to be called version 1.0.0.
The new features are:
Changing an Activity can now be cancelled
It is now possible to open a file in a new window

version 0.9.14 - November 21, 2000

This version offers better support for different units used in the Activities. The user can now simply select between metric or non-metric units.

version 0.9.13 - September 18, 2000

This version now uses short DateFormat. This changes the display of dates in the general overview from 18-Sept-2000 to 09/18/00 for US users.

Manfred Crumbach