JCycleData - Download


In order to run JCycleData you will need a Java2 Run Time Environment (JRE >= 1.4; see Links)

Java Web Start

If you have Java Web Start, you can start JCycleData simply be clicking on this link: Launch JCycleData.
With this method, no installation is required and Web Start will automatically update to a new version if available.

Please note:
You will be presented with a dialog stating that my certificate is not verified.


In order to run JCycleData the following is required:

  1. Last but not least you need to get JCycleData itself. Please use the file release section from the Project homepage.
  2. If you are interested in the sources as well, you will find those via cvs.

Click here for a list of changes in the recent version.

Manfred Crumbach